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The Literary Riviera

Literary walking tours for curious travellers

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 The Literary Riviera

 Literary walking itineraries in Liguria

Since the beginning of the 19th century, the eastern coast of Liguria - a narrow stretch of land dramatically squeezed between the mountains and the sea - has attracted famous writers, artists, intellectuals and poets.

This rocky region became their source of inspiration or simply the ideal scenery for their adventurous and unconventional lives.

Join us in our Literary tours to discover the Riviera through the eyes and words of Shelley, Byron, Dickens, Lawrence, Nietzsche, Hemingway, Pound, James, Woolf and many others.

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Guided tours

Unforgettable experiences

"Sligo in Heaven".
Discovering Rapallo with W.Yeats, E.Pound, E.Hemingway, T.S.Eliot and E.Montale.


The Gulf of the Poets.

Looking for Percy and Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and D.H.Lawrence.


Enchanted April, enchanted Portofino:

a refuge for poets and writers from Petrarch to Capote.


"I found my Genoese Hotel extremely entertaining" H.James.

Walking through Genoa historical centre to trace the illustrious guests of the Hotel Croce di Malta.


H.C. Andersen's

Bay of the fairy tales:

a literary walk in Sestri Levante.


A dive into Italian poetry:
Eugenio Montale in Monterosso

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"It is a place where an English-speaking pilgrim himself may very honestly think thoughts and feel moved to lyric utterance."

Henry James

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About me

" And besides, as in Paris, we had a guide. Perdition catch all the guides." wrote Mark Twain in his irreverent -but very hilarious -Innocents Abroad after visiting Genoa in 1867.

My name is Letizia, I'm a tourist guide of Genoa and the Riviera, I love Anglo-american literature, ancient art and walking with friends, so if you wish to find out whether Twain was right, come and join one of my tours!

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